How to Bid

1. E-Bidders may browse through the Rajan Auctioneers website and select the properties they wish to bid

2. E-Bidders are required to agree and accept the Rajan Auctioneers website Terms & Conditions before proceeding with the bid..

3. The Terms & Conditions shall be read together with all the Conditions of Sale attached to the Proclamation of Sale which is uploaded on the Rajan Auctioneers website and shall be deemed to have been read and agreed upon by the E-Bidders prior to bidding.

In the event of any inconsistency between the Terms & Conditions stated herein and the Conditions of Sale attached to the Proclamation of Sale, the Conditions of Sale attached to the Proclamation of Sale shall prevail.

4. E-Bidders must make deposit payment as required under the Conditions of Sale attached to Proclamation of Sale, i.e. 10% of the reserve price. Payment of the deposit must be made via local bank transfer in favour of RAJAN AUCTIONEERS SDN BHD. Evidence of the transfer must be uploaded and submitted at the time of registration.

5. E-Bidders are required to complete the registration process by inserting the relevant details and uploading the relevant documents including evidence of payment of the deposit onto the Rajan Auctioneers website, at least one (1) working day before the auction date.

6. Registration shall be subject to verification and approval of Rajan Auctioneers website and subject further to deposit payment being cleared by the bank. Please take note that approval from Rajan Auctioneers administrator may take at least 1 working day and any improper, incomplete registration or late registration may be rejected at the sole discretion of the Rajan Auctioneers website.

Neither Rajan Auctioneers website nor its agents and/or representative bears any responsibility or assumes any liability in the event that the registration of a prospective E-Bidder is rejected and/or delayed for any reason whatsoever.

In the event of the registration is rejected, the deposit paid (if cleared by the bank) shall be refunded to the same bank account from which the deposit transfer was made within two (2) working days. If the registered bidders not successful on the auction bidding, the deposit will refund within 2 working days to the respective registered bidder.

7. E-Bidders intending to authorize any person to execute the Memorandum/Contract of Sale upon successful bidding of the property shall do so by furnishing the following documents to the Auctioneer:

a. The person’s NRIC copy (front and back); and
b. A copy of the relevant Letter of Authorization.

8. Upon approval and verification by Rajan Auctioneers website and subject to the deposit payment being cleared by the bank, registered E-Bidders will receive a password, i.e. “PIN”, and a secured hyperlink via SMS / Whatapp / Phone call to the registered mobile number which allows the registered E-Bidders to bid for their intended property on the auction day.

9. Bidding may be done via a computer, smart phone or any device with internet connection.